Purpose: Why Make This Site?

Hello and welcome to Triston Does Projects (TDP). This site is geared toward electrical engineering savvy people - not necessarily experts, mind you. However, if you know or are familiar with: C, C++, basic circuit analysis, and have dabbled in a hardware description language, then this site is for you!

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All the projects currently planned and completed - more are planned than completed currently. However, turn that found upside down because time heals all wounds, and completes all projects, except for when it doesn't.


TDP utilizes several  tools to demonstrate: embedded system concepts, GUI construction, and "cool" circuit concepts. Some of these tools are free ( like Qt, and LtSpice), others aren't. This site utilizes various kits and while not all of these tools need an introduction some do. The Tools page contains links to introductions to some of these tools, and links to additional resources. Some tools have been documented extensively and one doesn't need to reinvent the wheel in these cases, while others could use good grounding intro.