Just Do It!

As an Engineer, projects run my life! So why would one volunteer for such trials in their free time?.... Well, like most engineers, I went after this profession wanting to build awesome gadgets and solve perplexing problems. However, work is kinda boring. Don’t get me wrong, it has its moments , but THINGS must be built!

Below are planned links, with descriptions, of projects that TDP has done (in green) , or is in the process of doing. Remember, this site is produced by a single person, with a full time job, so if there isn’t a lot of  “green” yet – BE PATIENT!

Intro's to Cool Stuff

  • Meet The MSP430
    Meet the launchpad kit. In this tutorial you'll be introduced to the digital I/O ports, TimerA, and learn that interrupts are things - important things.
  • freeRTOS On A NUCLEO
    Here we dive into the realm of Real-Time Operating Systems (freeRTOS) with the Nucleo-L476RG as our guide. Imagine a world where machines multitask seamlessly, respond to external stimuli in real-time, and drive innovations in robotics, automation, IoT, and more.
  • ZYBO Starts a Dialogue
    ZYBO wants to talk to you, but there's a lot going on with the words so it's hard to make out. I'll run through the basic design flow, simulation, and brief description of the PS, PL, and the amazing AXI bridge stages.


  • Software Controlled Power Supply
    Qt will be used to control a 4 quadrant power supply. If you don't know what that means, don't worry, words are hard, but this is "easy!"
  • Direct Digital Synthesizer
    Here we'll make some waves with a DAC, and control said wave with a Qt GUI.
  • Frequency Synthesis
    In college I was given the task to make a Fractional-N Phase Locked Loop. It was an awesome experience, but full of potholes. Here's an example without the potholes.
  • DC to DC Converter Control
    DC to DC converters are a must, here we walk through a basic buck-boost design with some feedback control.


  • Pedals Around The Rose
    A QT application walk through, where you'll develop a Petals Around The Rose puzzle.... It's fun, I swear!
  • The Qt Connection
    Here we use a low cost FTDI USB stick to connect Qt to the ZYBO and the MSP430, with either SPI protocol or UART protocol.

Analog Isn't Dead

  • LM317 From Scratch!
    Ever wanted to make your own LM317 regulator? Here we'll make one from discrete parts and then spec it!